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Discover the seductive and sensual fragrances, feel the pleasant tingling on your skin, experience silky shiny hair, enjoy the pleasant feeling of a perfect care - Discover PURE FIJI ©.

This exclusive care is produced without chemical additives, without preservatives and without odor enhancers. Only natural raw materials, paired with pure exotic plant oils and extracts provide an exceptionally fragrant and pleasant care for your face, your body and your hair.


The cold season is coming


Wintertime is coming soon.

Time for Skin and Body Care



has picked up on New Zealand actress Rachel Hunter and made a promising TV show. We are talking about the legendary and mysterious DILO oil.


However, what is flickering across the screen in Europe is no longer a secret in the South Seas: the legendary properties of the rare Dilo Oil.

DILO (Tamanu) Oil (Calophyllum inophyllum or Calophyllum tacamahaca) is obtained from the seeds of the evergreen Tamanu Tree, dark green and nutty bitter. Like no other cold-pressed natural oil, DILO ensures the regeneration and healing of the skin, especially the deeper layers of the skin.

This rare oil is exceptional for skin care because it has antioxidant, antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory, scar healing, astringent and healing properties and can even absorb UV rays.




I first came to FIJI in 2012 during a world trip and discovered PURE FIJI © as well. Since then, I have visited this South Seas paradise several times; During a three-monthly stay, I got to know and love many different places in FIJI and decided to make my passion a profession. Accompanied by a German friend who uses to live in FIJI I have established a company, with which we want to bring this jewel of the South Pacific a little closer to the people in Europe and particularly in Germany. Yes, I confess, I have fallen in love with the dreamlike island paradise FIJI and its friendly people!


I learned to know the exotic scents and the pleasant and soothing feeling in my face, on my skin and my hair and I'm so excited about this unique care series: PURE FIJI © actually succeeded to capture the sun, the sea, the wind, exotic scents and the effect of tropical oils and plant extracts on a wonderful way in all of their products.

The SPA Toiletries such as Body Butter, Sugar Scrub and of course the exotic Lotions, creams and oils are simply unique.

The DILO ANTI AGING® is particularly indescribable applications that make PURE FIJI © so incomparable. Even well-known Hollywood stars trust in their effect.

To the DILO Care Series from PURE FIJI © for the regeneration of the skin I only can give warmest recommend; I use it daily and have never met anything comparable.

The PURE FIJI © Feel-Good Care  for your face, your body and your hair are available in the following Fragrances:


Coconut   Passion Flower   Coconut Lime Blossom   Pineapple  
Coconut Milk & Honey   Starfruit   Frangipani   White Ginger Lily  
Guava   Hibiscus (reniu)   Mango   Tiara (reniu)  
Noni   Watermelon (reniu)   Orange Blossom      


Of course in my shop you will find all DILO Anti Aging® applications for your face next to the fragrant skin care products as well.




For the sake of simplicity, I have divided the online shop into four main categories. Just click on one of the pictures and you will get directly to the category you are particularly interested in. From here you can also get to all other products, you can check your beauty case and complete your order. It does not get any easier.


These and all other categories can also be reached via the menu button << >> top left. It is always visible and by using the menu you might navigate through my shop and our other web pages easyly and conveniently.


Items by Order

I strive to have all products available in stock. Almost all as a rule, products are also available at short notice. However, Sometimes it comes, that an item is currently not available in stock. You can recognize by the fact that the mentioned delivery time is announced as "Delivery time about four weeks" (traffic light red!).

If an item is not available from stock, no problem! I like to order it for you directly in FIJI; my local German Partner will be there immediately to take care of the delivery of your order. The delivery time for your order then will be usually a maximum of three to four weeks and with a little patience you have your desired PURE FIJI © product in your hands soon. Unbeatable!

Thus, if you have further questions, please send a message by email directly to me.

And now, enjoy shopping in my beautiful BEAUTY FIJI® Online Shop.

With my kindest regards